About Us

The skincare market is challenging to say the least. So much education is needed, there are so many skins that are crying out to be rehabilitated and new skin problems ‘erupt’ every day. This equates to a never-ending flow of demand for cover creams and treatments.

The New Shades product-range focuses on skin rehabilitation, facial demonstrations and ongoing skincare education and awareness. It has been sold into the South African Botswana and Namibian markets for over twenty two, eighteen and six years respectively with tremendous success and demand, due to the high level of customer satisfaction.

The magic of the product lies in the fact that it does deliver immediate and tangible results; and it delivers on the brand promise as well. This highly acclaimed German-sourced product, which is packaged and branded as New Shades, further creates a loyal customer base, because it creates instant beauty, happiness and confidence.

For the past 22 years Rob Smit has concentrated on the ethnic market throughout South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. With more emphasis on the “problem skins” that have been exposed to strong creams containing harsh chemicals and bleaching agents (Hydroquinone) Skins which have been scarred by UV Rays, acne or the indiscriminate use of cortisone creams can be covered by New Shades. This natural looking cover provides protection and beauty whilst the skin recovers.

New Shades Cover and Beauty Products offers a very basic but yet effective system. Cleanse, treat, cover and protect which leads to beautifying, confidence and customer satisfaction. It is not a miraculous overnight cure, the process takes time and is natural, effective and permanent, as long as strong creams are avoided at all costs.

In our range we offer 13 different cover cream shades for concealing “spots, blemishes and pigmentation marks”. These skins will be delighted at the natural cosmetic coverage and long lasting grooming that New Shades has to offer them. New Shades will immediately hide and conceal any blemishes or unsightly marks.IMG_2192

Our Confidence Face Wash with Bergamot an antiseptic, antitoxic and analgesic will wash away bacteria and restore the skins natural beauty .The Vit-E moisturizer with collagen penetrates the skin to plump up the cells adding more elasticity giving a fresher and younger look, this cream has an added advantage for those suffering from acne, as it soothes the skin and aids in the reparation of scar tissue. There are no harsh chemicals in this cream that may damage or harm your skin.

New Shades is saving face for thousands of people throughout Africa, some have scars, some have problem skins and many just use New Shades to enhance their beauty. This proves conclusively that no matter what the state of your skin, the NEW SHADES transformation will indeed give you the confidence to look your best.

Our experience tells us once a New Shades user, always a New Shades user.