Face Wash


This face wash does a whole lot of things in one. It works on all skins and very effectively on problem skins – skins that have been lightened or burned by cortisone or other chemicals, skins that have acne or infections. It is the first step in the New Shades with Confidence Care skin treatment programme. What makes this safe and effective treatment face wash so special is its active ingredient, Bergamot. Linalyl Acetate is present in the essence of the Bergamot fruit*, endowing Confidence Clear Face Wash with skin-improving analgesic (pain soothing), antiseptic (ridding of bacteria and promoting healing) and anti-toxic (combating poisons) properties. Confidence Face Wash washes away bacteria and helps to restore the Skin’s Natural Beauty.

How to use it:

• Use at least twice daily, morning and evening.
• On pimples, acne and skin infections, allow the lather to penetrate For 20 or 30 seconds.
• Rinse off thoroughly with warm water, followed by cold water;
• Dry face and neck with a clean towel;
• Follow with Confidence Vitamin E Moisturizer with Collagen.

It seems like a simple step, but Confidence Clear Face Wash washes away bacteria that can cause unsightliness and flaws – and provides the ideal conditions for restoring your skin’s own natural beauty (Many skin damaging products destroy the skin’s natural acid mantle, leading to bacterial growth). Use it in conjunction with the other products designed to work together – to give you the lovely, healthy skin you want.
• Refer to: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils – Julia Lawless.