Having spent 10 or more years marketing toiletries and cosmetics, it seemed a natural progression for Rob Smit to accept the post of General Manager for a small Skincare company based in Klerksdorp , upon returning from Israel in April 1987.

The problem skin rehabilitation niche was so obvious, in order to broaden his horizon, Rob registered Confidence Care Products C.C. in 1988, marketing a locally manufactured cover cream. He saw a huge potential for rehabilitating and beautifying problem skins that had been abused by skin lightening creams. Initial research was carried out in various townships in the North West Province and Free State, i.e. Jouberton, Khuma, Kanana, Ikageng and Thabong.

In order to survive in this environment he had to sell directly to shop owners, shebeen queens, hospital personnel and mine hostel gatherings. Slowly but surely he was able to penetrate the pharmacy outlets.

In 1990 his first agent, Verena Metzer, took over the Gauteng, Rustenburg and Swaziland areas, so he was free to penetrate new areas. Over a 10-year period, he took another 5 agents on board, and although this proved costly, it was probably justified in that having assistance freed him to expand and develop additional areas.

IN 1997 his son Andre joined the company, servicing the Free State, Lesotho, North West Province, Northern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Not only did he grasp this opportunity with both hands, but he has excelled in maintaining and building onto the important personal relationships, which has been the back-bone of the success of the business today.

We introduced all sorts of low cost advertising initiatives as we went along as well as conducting promotional demonstrations at selected pharmacy outlets. Virtually every demo turned into a sale and personally Rob has done hundreds of facial demonstrations over the years.

The skin problem awareness and knowledge came about from hands on personal experience dealing with thousands of African women the vast majority having skin problem conditions and understanding their needs and expectations. This lead him to search worldwide for the best quality products money can buy for correct application and positive results.

In 1990 we sourced a top class quality cover cream ‘if not the best in the world’ with German technology at it’s very best.

These products have certainly maintained consistent success, which has resulted in repeat business and very happy customers that cannot do without New shades today.

We started out with 4 shade tones of colour but have since increased the range to 13DSC_0543 shades. We have purposefully kept the name of the product simple, e.g. New Shades No. 3 or 8 or 6, etc.

Being serious proponents of the cover, heal and beautify concept, we were forced to introduce various skin treatment creams and washes. This was a huge cost burden as we did not have sufficient funding and experience with very little advertising and awareness.

After much research, trial, error and perseverance we succeeded in deriving a perfect compatible range for trouble skins with proven success giving confidence and hope for the future to many women throughout Africa. The Confidence Vit-E moisturizer with collagen and Confidence Facial Wash with bergamot essence together with our New Shades cover cream rounded off a complete one stop effective skincare regime, backed up by many satisfied customer stories over the years