It has taken twenty years to formulate this lovely skin cream it does away with the need for layers of different products. Intensive research finally showed that only one cream, Confidence Vitamin E Moisturizer with Collagen, is necessary to work the wonders on your skin. You’ll see unbelievable results. (Excellent for sunburn). It is the second step in the New Shades with Confidence Care skin treatment programme.

The perfectly balanced combination of essential Vitamin E and Collagen in this fine product corrects, feeds and protects your skin in a super effective way. The Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate)** reduces inflammation. It reduces damage done by loss of collagen. It reduces damage from UV radiation. It helps to heal the skin. Collagen is what should be 70% of your skin, in the connective tissue. However, UV Rays and skin-damaging preparations, like cortisone and hydroquinone, destroy the collagen and the structure of the skin. They do give a lightening effect but they degrade the quality of the skin. Collagen is needed to feed the skin again. It gives it back elasticity. It allows moisture absorption. The stimulation of collagen fibers bonds the layers together. It creates lovely new cell tissue. It protects the skin from dehydration and from UV radiation.

How to use It:Cream1
• Always use after Confidence Clear Face Wash;
• Stroke on with clean hands and gently massage into your skin;
• It is the ideal smooth and healthy basis for applying New Shades Cover Cream.;
• Use more sparingly by day – under Cover Cream. Very little needs to be applied.


If you have been using a damaging skin product like a lightener and you want to move to healing and improving your complexion, it is true that there will, at the change-over, be a darkening surface reaction. The more damage that has been done, the more obvious the reaction will be at first. (But, if you carry on with the damaging creams, you will eventually destroy your skin tissue, with no chance of its recovery.) So – we have the incredibly beautifying New Shades cover creams to use while your skin recovers!
**Information supplied by Roche Pharmaceuticals – one of the world’s leading healthcare company